New Faces

by Golden Ours

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    After a winter of held-breath the tonal fruits of the summer of last year are now able to bloom in your ears. These are new faces you can hear, they are faces of ideas, the wind, landscapes, the heart and of you, me and those we know, even those we don't know. Welcome to the listening of the forming ideas of my mind as it shifts and slides through the dimensions it travels through. Thank you to all who helped me through spending the time, this time, to try to articulate sonically what goes on in my head.

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Recorded by Eric Padget
At NoiseNoiseOuchStop Records summer of 2016
Mixed by Eric Padget
Mastered by Allen Bergendahl
All songs are written by Kia Cavallaro
All rights reserved


released May 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Golden Ours Richmond, Virginia

(Above photo by Rowan Thornhill, visit

-Many Thanks-

From Golden Ours


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Track Name: New Faces
It’s a new face on my head, it’s a new place for to step
It’s a new face on my head, it’s a new pace in my step
Reeling in what is real, trilling troops traverse trundling trips
To a slow boom and a peaceful step, to a slow boom, boom, boom
Purposeful and it’s poignant
Slows into a run and eases to a stillness, rolls right off your tongue
In from the realest of gazes, set apart from those recurrent hazes, some seem so unfazed
But perhaps it’s only pieces pasted onto imaginary faces
Of those running who don’t know it’s not a race.
It’s a new face on my head, it’s a new pace in my step
It’s a new face on my head, it’s a new place to step.
Track Name: I'll Find A Way
I’ll find a way, heart like a ray
Day or night, shining bright
Ageless youth, resounding truth
Darling I had the truth, but when I forget my youth
When I forget my youth, when I forget your youth
What was simple and true
What’s left that’s simple and true
Darling I love you, I don’t need more to do
I’ll find a way, my heart’s like a ray
Day or night, shining bright
Day or night, shining bright towards you
Track Name: Sweet Music
Sound oh sound, sweet sound, sound will save us all
And music, sweet music, music will save our souls
*Shines on up through the heavens above,
Shines on up through the caverns of love
The sickness and the power
The hands that bind us
The hands that blind us
From the balance within
The balance slips up from low down to the very top
Them souls pressed to do what they do not want, they do not want
Them souls pressed to do what they are not, they’re truly not.
(repeat except *, insert; )
Shines on through the baddest of luck
When all you knew since you was a babe was the crying, the hurt, the dark and the rot
Well now it’s time to create our own luck
Track Name: Crazy As A Loon
Hey babe what do you say? Let’s dance the night away
Hey babe what do you know? What else we got to show
Hey babe what do you say? Let’s just go out and play
Well you know it’s a long, long road until we’re going to be free
Yes I know it’s a long, long road but I know we’re going to be free
Well I walked to the river, sang me out a little old tune
Yes I walked up to that river, sang me out to the sunset moon
I walked to that river, sang me out crazy as a loon
Track Name: Fancy Free
Out and about and fancy free, take on me
The wind it blows these notions into me Without a form to guide me by
I was swallowed by the dark it breathes
Sorrow follows intermittently
And I can’t seem to breach these waves
Until I let them take on me
Rolled and tumbled I revive
Another type alive, another shore I see to strive
But it’s not as hard as I make out to be
I’m free to see the change I want to be
So you can see me more clearly
Out and about and fancy free,
The world it tips me with the slightest breeze
And I stray far too deep in my own contorted colloquy
Drifting river of the night, you hold me tight
My eyes collide with my tides inside.
I was swallowed and breathed out, turned about
Learned to look out, past the horizon into under my skin
Learned to let it all out, find it when it shouts and release your doubt
Track Name: Roller Rink
Oh lordy me, oh lordy my didn’t I cry?
But oh you put your hand right on my back and you didn’t ask why,
But I didn’t mind ‘cus I didn’t know, why do I cry?
But oh what you said, that I was in your heart
Boy you’re in mine, you’re in my heart too my dear
Well you make me feel oh so fine
Like I’m walking down to the roller rink back when I was nine
Well I wasn’t the fastest and I didn’t have the best moves
But I’d laugh and laugh all afternoon
I’d laugh all afternoon
Am I the master of my mind? I don’t know
Am I the master of my heart? I follow, my heart’s the master of me
Am I the master of my soul? No no no my soul’s the master
I follow what’s true and right, my soul tells me so, what’s true and right.
Track Name: Better Me
It’s been too long away from this town
I been too long in that ol’ harsh and dirty city
I’m back in this small town, so soft
I feel so much resistance,
But this quiet I’m learning that;
Just the thought of your eyes shows me in my soul I am wise
The thought of your soul shows me myself whole
You inspire me to be all I can be, my better me
I’m going to be a better me
Each day being a better me,
I’m going to be a better me.
Track Name: Coyote Mama
He walks alone, he ain’t going nowhere, he walks all alone
His favorite time was the golden hour
His favorite time that golden hour, the shadows long, his eyes at home
He walks alone, towards the sunset, he is walking so slow
There are many who follow, but he don’t know
They got claws, paws, paws and hooves
They seen something in his eyes, can’t help but to follow
Keep a ridin’ west boy, keep a ridin’ on!
Keep a ridin’ west boy, into the sun. yip yip!
That train rolls on, rolls on by
That train is moaning, the train is moaning low
Coyote Mama saw his eyes once, they bore straight into her soul
She swore she’d have him in her spirit world, at her bidding the vultures did go
The train rolls on by and the vultures devour his flesh
‘Til only bones shine, bones shine
There walks two coyotes, through the spirit hills
He looks into her eyes, he sees something he always knew.